Audio recordings of Gagarin's flight were made both onboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft and back on Earth from the radio communications received during certain periods of his flight. You can read more about these recordings and read transcripts of them from a document in Russian compiled in 1991 which is linked to here.

We have used Google Translate to create an English version of this transcript, which you can download from here and we have highlighted the moment when the rocket lifts off and Gagarin famously shouts 'Poyekhali!' (Let's go!), to help you find you navigate through it!

With the help of Iya Whiteley, from the robotics company Elumotion, we have tracked down the original mission audio recordings from the Vostok 1 flight, and with further support from Andrea Rose and Alexandra Smirnova at the British Council, Vitaly Davydov and Tatiana Fomicheva at Roscosmos and Alexander Shaposhnikov and Vladimir Smirnov at The Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation we have weaved these historic recordings into the film.

Subtitles in English will be provided so you can follow the excitment of Yuri as he looks down on the Earth from space for the first time and becomes the first person in history to experience the weightlessness of space flight.