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2.0 The Attic Room Ltd. shall in no way be held liable for any costs, expenses, claims, or demands arising out of the use of material you download from this web site. Any screening or event you may hold using the film First Orbit or related to the film shall be at your own risk and expense. The Attic Room shall in no way be held liable for anything which happens at such events, or any financial costs associated with such events.

3.0 In downloading the film First Orbit from this web site, or any other, you agree not to hold public screenings of the film before the global premiere date, set as the 12th April 2011. You are being granted advance access to these files soley for the purposes of conducting audio-visual checks with them prior to your screening event.

4.0 You agree not further distribute these media files to third parties, through a bit torrent or other type of file sharing or distribution system. You further agree not to upload the film to any kind of video sharing site such as, but not limited to, YouTube or Vimeo.

5.0 You agree not to share the URL of your unique download page with anyone else, by any electronic or other communication of any kind. Any further requests to download the film by third parties should be directed to our download page.

6.0 When screening First Orbit at a public event you agree to screen the film in its entirety and not to re-edit or alter the film in any way without further permission from The Attic Room Ltd. You can contact us for such permission at celebrate@firstorbit.org.

7.0 Media from this site may not be resold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties. Media may not be distributed to third parties as a standalone file or in a way that unreasonably permits the recipient to extract the content for use outside of screenings of the film First Orbit, on or after the 12th April 2011. Footage from First Orbit may not be added to any library, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from The Attic Room Ltd.

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