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Join our annual 'First Orbit' screenings

On the 12th April each year we celebrate Yuri's Night by encouraging screenings of First Orbit at the many Yuri's Night parties organised around the world. With the film now translated into 30 languages there's no excuse not to buy a disc and hold your own Yuri's night screening on the next 12th April, and together we can bring the story of our first steps into the cosmos to an even wider audience!

The success of First Orbit has been down to you! In 2011 we premiered the film on over 1600 screens in more than 130 countries, in a series of events organised by people like you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's flight.

Since then over 70 of you have helped us to translate the film into more than 30 languages, and 100 of you contributed financially to our IndieGoGo effort to produce our multi-language DVDs and BluRays for Yuri's Night 2012. So why not get a copy and join us on the 12th April to share Yuri's story even more widely.


Thanks from all of us at the First Orbit team.