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8. What are your terms of use? First Orbit has been released under a Creative Commons license, with some additional stipulations which you can read here. Insofar as there is any conflict between the terms of the Creative Commons licence and these terms and conditions, the latter shall take precedence. We are happy for you to download or stream our film to celebrate the flight of Yuri Gagarin, but ask that you agree not to gain any commercial advantage, whether financial or otherwise, from the film, save that you are permitted to charge for any screening of the film solely for the purposes of covering your expenses and/or to enable you to make a contribution to any charitable or not for profit organisation.

9. What format are the files I'm downloading? I can't play them. The movie files are all quicktime MOVs in an H264 codec which we hope you can play. We have supplied them at different resolutions and bit rates to give you flexibility for downloading and screening. Unfortunately we cannot supply them in other formats.

10. I have a question about something in the film. Click here for more FAQs

11. Do you have a poster I can download to use to advertise my screening? Yes - here it is.

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