Join us to build a legacy movie for Yuri

First Orbit has now been translated into 30 languages. If you don't see your langauge there and have the time and expertise to help us then please download our transcript of the entire film in English. This is an excel spreadsheet, but you can also open it in Google Docs or Open Office.

Please add your own language on the right hand side and then email it back to us at - marking the title of your email 'Translation <your language>'.

We hope one day to be able to offer translations of the film in every lanuguage on Earth.

But we can only do this with YOUR help.

So thank you again for any support you can give us with this ongoing challenge. And don't forget you can now pre-order a DVD or BluRay disc of the film containing subtitles of the first thirty languages we've completed. For more information please visit


The First Orbit Team.